Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an excellent vehicle for driving our sustainability vision. We have therefore aligned our sustainability strategy to the SDGs. The SDGs address issues critical for the survival of the planet and society such as climate change, poverty, gender equality, responsible consumption, biodiversity etc.

They serve as a guide in our efforts to leave a healthier planet for our future generations, in partnership with our employees, customers, suppliers, government and society. By aligning our business strategy with the SDGs, we are able to anticipate stakeholder expectations, identify future business opportunities, and future-proof our business. The UN SDGs along with our sustainability framework enables us to create meaningful and measurable progress on issues relevant to our stakeholders.


Sustainability Policies

At SBICCL we shall constantly strive to raise our standards of sustainability by adopting policies that clearly define our business approach. We have robust policies on Safety, Environment and CSR. and shall be adding Sustainability Policy, Energy & Carbon Policy. The launch of these policies shall be a reaffirmation of our commitment to further accelerate our sustainability journey in these critical areas.

  • Environment & Sustainability: Pledged to a carbon footprint-conscious growth, SBICCL plans to use latest technology and eco-friendly practices to ensure a healthier and cleaner tomorrow for the future generations. SBICCL is working to ensure a continuous sustainable development to achieve a green environment with sustained efforts. To ensure sustainable development, SBICCL has plan to design and develop a state of art clinker and cement plant with four performance result  governance indicators:
    • Commitment to maintain the significant achievements reached by the company to eliminate emissions from the plant.
    • Full exploitation of waste energy from  process.
    • Maintain the cultural appearance of the company through a green environment and modern urban planning.
    • Sharing the  environmental responsibility of the community at all levels, both collective and  as well as individual.
  • Facilities Management: The Development department of SBICCL shall manage the integrated facilities, where it will service various disciplines by coordinating landscaping, infrastructure and cleanliness. The service of the department shall cover all facilities and premises, including heavy and light services, in addition it will also include several competencies essential for integrated facilities management,  safety, emergency preparedness, waste recycling, environmental supervision, sustainability and management projects to ensure quality assurance and control, property management, use of technology to measure performance and for producing modern reports.
  • Continuous Monitoring System: SBICCL shall show the facts through reality to prove with absolute evidence that it is committed by complying with laws that set emission standards issued by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Bangladesh. The company shall ensure to install highly efficient modern continuous monitoring devices to measure the environmental performance under the supervision directly with the government of Bangladesh, making the company a real partner in safeguarding the environment.
Social Responsibility
  • SBICCL in Society: Society is a well-established concept and a supreme goal in the company’s strategies and methods of work at all levels, and these principles establish a basis for the tasks incumbent upon the employees of the company to perform according to the principles of the government of Bangladesh.
  • Health & Safety: SBICCL is committed to achieving zero harm to all at its workplace. Strong emphasis on improving health and safety parameters shall help the company substantially reduce the number of onsite injuries. The company plans to adhere to a set of controls and procedures to achieve the highest standards of security and safety for human beings and as well as its assets and is one of the most important requirements for the success of both individual and team work. Security and safety are the top priorities of the company through human resources and institutional discipline education and the obligation of all workers, contractors and visitors comply with our safety laws, wear safety personal protective equipments in accordance with the location of the site and impose strict penalties on all offenders.
  • Student Training: Building on the pioneering role of its promoters (BCIC and EDII), SBICCL is keen to promote this important role through the achievement of partnerships aimed at supplementing the  skilled manpower requirements  with trained and qualified national cadres. The company collaborate and coordinate with educational institutions to meet their needs in the field of student training, and work to upgrade their abilities and skills under the supervision of a competent team who conduct training in accordance with the charted  training plan to  develop  programmes to achieve the objectives of training and  monitor its implementation. To ensure that it is thoroughly completed and fully integrated in its field of specialization,  the company seeks to motivate students by awarding remunerative rewards at the end of the training programme for each student.